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Finnish restaurant

Lovely functional ambience

Lasipalatsi - the Glass Palace - is 75 years old. The work of three young architect students: Kokko, Rewell and Riihimäki was finished in 1936 when the building stood ready for admiration. Althought the building had originally been inteended to serve as a temporary structure, the building became quite a showpiece. The heart and soul of the whole building was the large Lasipalatsi restaurant on the upper floor.

In the end of 1996 the building, that by that time had undergone years of gradual decline, was given protected status and a restoration project began. Two young architects - Pia Ilonen and Minna Lukander - assisted by interior designer Martti Lukander restored the original Functionalist style; pure white walls, large windows, interiors with warm colours and delightful little details. New restaurant Lasipalatsi was opened in the autumn 1998. The restaurant has the main dining area and three meeting facilities; The Aquarium room for 12 persons, The Helsinki room for 26 persons and The Palm room for 60 persons

Delicious and fresh, Finnis foodKeittiöpäällikkö Petri Simonen

Delicious and fresh, Finnis food

A true Finnish restaurant: the Lasipalatsi kitchen combines the cherished traditional Finnish culinary culture with international influences. Restaurant Lasipalatsi is also well-known for its "Theme weeks", when the menu follows the seasons and features hearty, unpretentious dishes made with best possible raw materials from our reliable, local producers. We always have on the menu Finnish fish, meat, mushrooms, berries and cheeses.

Kitchen is open:
Mon-Fri 11-22:30
Sat 14-22