A la carte 3.1-28.3.2024


Sugarsalted whitefish, cauliflower, and rainbow trout roe (L, G)                                   16,00

Beef tartar, roasted garlic mayonnaise and almond (L, G)                                              14,00

Lamb Vorschmack with sour cream, gherkin, and beetroot (incl. fish) (L, G)             16,00/22,00


Main Courses

Pike perch à la Mannerheim: fillet of pike perch with horseradish, champignon,
fried spinach and potato (L)                                                                                                 31,00

Codfish fillet, codfish brandade, and langoustine sauce (L, G)                                    29,00

Reindeer fillet with smoked reindeer butter, and almond potato (L, G)                    35,00

Braised lamb neck, lamb cabbage roll, and pickled lingonberry (L)                           28,00

Cep coulibiac, lovage and onion consommé, and celeriac and apple salad (V)         24,00



Crême brulée and cherry sorbet (L, G)                                                                        10,00

Mocha baba cake and milk chocolate ice cream (L)                                                  10,00

Chocolate and cherry pastry ”Amos” (V, G)                                                                 12,00