A la carte 30th Oct-22nd Dec, 2023


Smörrebröd: gravlax and whitefish, vendace roe (L) 17,50

Country pâté with pheasant and trumpet chanterelles, fig, and endive (L, G) 17,50

Jerusalem artichoke soup with truffle (L, G) 16,50

Roasted butternut squash, pumpkin crème, salsa verde and crispy wild rice (V, G) 14,50

Lamb Vorschmack with almond potato mash, pickled gherkin, beetroot, and sour cream
(contains fish) (L, G) 16,00/22,00


Main Courses

Pike perch à la Mannerheim: fillet of pike perch with horseradish, champignon, and fried spinach and potato (L) 31,50

Roasted trout, lobster butter sauce, and saffron fennel (L) 31,50

Barley risotto with cep, smoked tofu, and beetroot-apple salad (V) 24,00

Reindeer roast beef and reindeer croquet, almond potato, and rosemary sauce (L, G) 32,00

Braised duck leg confit, stewed red cabbage and orange sauce (L, G) 29,50′



3 x sweet: almond cake, chocolate Delice, and passion fruit parfait (L) 12,00

Pear sorbet, pear marinated in port wine and white chocolate crème (VL) 12,00 

Chocolate and cherry pastry ”Amos” (V, G) 12,00