À la carte


Fowl liver with apple and walnut (L, G) 14 € 

Roasted Jerusalem artichoke with truffle yogurt (L,G) 13 € 

Scallop with fennel salad and bouillabaisse (M, G) 16 €

Lamb vorschmack with baked potato, sour cream, gherkin and beetroot (M, G) 14 €

Main courses  

Grilled pike perch à la Mannerheim with creamed champion mushrooms and horseradish (L) 29 € 

Roasted Arctic char with apple, fennel salad and cider sauce (L, G inc. pine nuts) 28,50 € 

Tender braised cheek of veal with Parmesan roasted celery and Romesco sauce (L,G) 27 €

Roast beef of reindeer with rye and cloud berries (L) 30 €

Gratinated onion with lentils and beetroot sauce (L, G) 24 €

Lamb vorschmack with baked potato, sour cream, gherkin and beetroot (L, G) 20 €


Grapefruit with roasted white chocolate and avocado (L, G) 10 €

Chocolate with hazelnut and beetroot sorbet (L) 10 €

Vinedresser’s cheese with pear jam and cracker (L) 10 €

Cake of the day 10 €

Day’s sorbet with sparkling wine (M, G) 12 €


Our staff will provide you with information about the allergenic ingredients.