Buffet Lunch

3 of the followings starter options

Vegetarian salads

Roasted broccoli, pine nuts and parmesan cheese L, G

Peltola Blue cheese and endive-pear salad L, G

Marinated avocado and tomato couscous salad M, G

Roasted aubergine, courgette, bell pepper and rocket pesto M, G

Marinated lentils, shiitake mushrooms and tomato salsa M, G

Fresh green salad and raspberry vinaigrette

Tomato-mozzarella salad and balsamic vinegar


Fish and shellfish salads

Cold-smoked salmon and malt bread salad L, G

Gravlax, cauliflower and sesame seed vinaigrette

Country-style fish salad: gravlax, smoked vendace, pickled whitefish, potato and eggs G, M

Whitefish marinated in lime, shrimp and tomato-avocado salsa M, G

Shrimp Caesar salad

Scampi-noodle salad, sweet chilli sauce and coriander


Meat salads

Roast beef and capers-potato salad M, G

Chimichurri roast beef and coleslaw

Air-dried ham, melon salad and red onion vinaigrette M, G

Rustic chicken, Västerbottenost cheese and tzatziki


The buffet lunch includes a selection of breads from Lasipalatsi’s own bakery and spreads


2 of the followings warm main course options

Tomato-aubergine gratin with mozzarella L, G

Asparagus-fennel paella and roasted aubergine M, G

Cauliflower-chickpea curry and nut granola M, G

Dill-mashed salmon and roasted root vegetables L, G

Chicken parmesan, lemon-tomato sauce and tzatziki

Caramelised pork steak and roasted root vegetables M, G

Meatballs, horseradish sauce and mashed potatoes

Lamb vorschmack and oven-baked potatoes, beetroot, pickled cucumber and sour cream G, L

Minced meat lasagne L

Sautéed game, mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam G

Overdone beef brisket, horseradish sauce and mashed potatoes with root vegetables L, G

Lamb and cabbage stew M, G




Choose one of the savoury pastry options listed below

Bread rolls with ham, cheese, shrimp or avocado filling

Rye rolls with gravlax

Karelian pastries with cold-smoked salmon and egg

Tomato-mozzarella ciabatta

Sandwiches with a choice of filling:

  • goat cheese and bell pepper
  • chicken and chilli mayonnaise
  • carrot salmon and tomato (smoked carrot)
  • avocado and tomato salsa


Choose one of the sweet pastry options listed below

Caramel or chocolate muffins

Apple-almond crumble

Cinnamon rolls

Butter eye buns

Chocolate brownie


Available by separate order: sliced fruit 4,50 € / person and juice 3,50 € / person

Additional options from the list of savoury pastries +6,00 € each and from the list of sweet pastries +5,00 € each