Christmas lunch

Christmas lunch is served on weekdays 18.11.–20.12. perioid at 11:00–15:00. Warmly welcome to enjoy our three course, table served Christmas lunch. Collect your own menu from below. Menu price is determined by the main course. Our à la care menu is not available on Christmas lunch time.



House glögi 8,50 €
Non-alcoholic house glögi 5,50 €



Arctic char confit and  smoked roe with leek and crayfish sauce

Mustard marinated Baltic herrings with horseradish potatoes

Beef tartar with Västerbotten cheese and pickled mustard seeds

Pickled beetroot carpaccio with tarragon pesto and nut pyré


Main courses

Menu €54.00
Pepper steak of reindeer calf roast with fried button mushrooms and lingonberries

Menu €52.00
Roasted cod served with buckthorn and butter sauce and pureed carrot

Menu €51.00
Blue mussels and salmon with pickled fennel and saffron brioche

Menu €44.00
Gratinated sweet potato with English walnut and Peltola Blue cheese



Chocolate ganache with frangipane and currant

Lingonberry parfait with fudge and pickled lingonberries

Banana mousse with coconut sorbet and rum raisins

Vanilla ice cream with sherry