Cocktail pieces

Lasipalatsi Bio Rex cocktail snacks 5,50 € each


Rawpickled whitefish tartar and vendace roe

Smoked vendace and Maalahden limppu bread

Cold-smoked salmon and horseradish

Gravlax and mustard seed caviar

Scallops and cauliflower cream

Shrimps and chilli mayonnaise

Herring caviar and potato salad

Grilled king prawn tails and sesame

Beef tartar and truffle mayonnaise

Smoked reindeer and cranberry mayonnaise

Avocado tartar and tomato salsa

Roasted Jerusalem artichoke and truffle

Roasted shiitake mushrooms and chickpeas

Aubergine caviar and roasted tomato

Beetroot tartar and Peltola Blue cheese

Roasted beetroot and parmesan cheese

Goat cheese-tomato compote

Finnish squeaky cheese and cloudberry jam

Carrot cake and vanilla mousse L

Lingonberry and frothy caramel L

Liquorice crème brûlée and raspberry

Lemon pannacotta and liquorice

Chocolate truffle and salted peanut

Macarons selection

Finnish cheeses and jams