À la carte

Restaurant Lasipalatsi’s menus propose a culinary journey of classic dishes, seasonal delicacies as well as the latest food trends. The menus are great for both business lunches and dinners – for groups, just the two of your or alone. Take a look at the menus and why not try them all?



Toast skagen with whitefish roe 17,00 €

Lightly salted salmon with creamed false morels and dill potatoes 16,00 € / 26,00 €

Lamb vorschmack with potato mash, gherkin, beetroot and sour cream (L, G) 14,00 €

Beef pastrami with parmesan cream and cherry tomatoes 15,00 €

Zucchini carpaccio with tomatoes and nuts 13,00 €

Main courses

Pike perch à la Mannerheim: fillet of pike perch with butter braised horseradish and spinach and new potato salad (L) 30,00 €

Lamb vorschmack with potato mash, gherkin, beetroot, and sour cream (L, G) 20,00 €

Beef entrecôte with deep fried almond potatoes and Béarnaise sauce 32,00 €

Asparagus and lemon risotto with roasted butter and cauliflower 24,00 €
– with grilled scallops and rouille +6,00 €


Strawberry tartlet with elderflower ice cream 10,00 €

White chocolate parfait with salted caramel 10,00 €

You can get more information about allergens from the restaurant staff.