Seated dinners

Starters and desserts served on plates, main course served on a platter


Menu Amos 68,00 €

Rawpickled whitefish, vendace roe and malt bread


Caramelised lamb entrecôte and lentils spiced with truffles


Lingonberry-almond crumble and caramel


Menu Bio Rex 65,00 €

Beef tartar and truffle mayonnaise


Pike perch stuffed with noble crayfish and crayfish-butter sauce


Lemon-merengue tartelette and liquorice


Menu Rewell 62,00 €

Peltola Blue cheese and endive-walnut salad


Smoked whitefish, grilled asparagus and hollandaise sauce


Milk chocolate fudge and blackcurrant crumble